Cookies 🍪 and Milk 🥛with a (not so nice) Cop 👮 Vol. 2

We all have a morning routine that gets us out the door smoothly- wait who am I kidding, I’m a Mom, mornings are never smooth! You have those “I don’t want to wear these shoes”, the “I’m sleepy so I’m going to move like a crab 🦀 ” or even the “I want waffles, not pancakes 🥞 ” mornings (even though you choose pancakes 6 out of 7 days of the week 🙄)

Surprisingly, we had a fairly smooth morning today (shout out to this ModernDayMom who woke up earlier because she knew her kid would be a little sleepy 😉), the mishap happened once we left the house.

I got pulled over by an officer 👮 who claims I didn’t “completely” stop at the stop sign 🛑. No arguments from me, just give me my ticket so I can go. However, this officer was extremely rude which had my son and I completely uncomfortable. As you guys know from “Cookies and Milk with a cop” (Volume 1 posted 2/21/17), my son is obsessed with Officers and vehicles. In this instance, he was a little unsettled. He kept asking questions like “What happened?”, “Mommy, why is he saying that?”, “Why can’t we go? I’m going to be late to school”. In my anger, I had to keep myself composed and reassure him that everything was OK 👌🏾 and the officer just wanted us to be safe. When the officer bought back the ticket and saw that I clearly was upset, he began to speak in a much calmer tone. I told him “I’m not a criminal, I don’t have run-ins with the law”. He lowered his head as he handed me my ticket and said “I know that now” 😔

As I dropped him off at school and headed to work, my anger turned into sadness and a bit of relief and I cried. Cried because it could have turned out differently. Cried because it could have been a much different situation that my 3 year old son did not have to see. Cried because my son will grow up to be a black man who can be targeted by police. 

You see, I do not want him to begin to fear officers. To dislike them because of one “not so nice” officer. Yes, this officer approached me defensive and in uproar,  but this isn’t how I want my child to interact with officers as he is growing up. I do not want him to automatically think they are out to gun him down. Yes, I will teach him what to do and what not to do when approached (we are in 2017 with an orange president- I will not be that naive) however, he will also taught that a Police Officers job is to protect and serve. 

We will STILL be attending Cookies and Milk with a cop every third Saturday of the month at our local library. 

This is another branch in the Orlando area so I’m sure they are held everywhere! Check your local library!

We even made it on the website of our local library for attending the last Cookies and Milk with a cop event! 


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