A “Not so scary” Halloween!

I can hands down say that Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! Although a demonic connotation can be attached to Halloween, I have hardly felt “scared” around this time of year. Growing up in church, we would have a party themed “Hallowed be thy name”. We would dress up as our favorite characters eat candy and overall have a good time! When my mom began to let us go trick or treating, my cousins and I would all go together gathering candy from our neighbors.

The only way I knew Halloween was “scary” was by learning from society as I grew up. I remember in middle school, upper class men would “egg” the freshman on Halloween- my mom made me stay home that day. Even as I got to college, Halloween was one big drunken party in costumes- it was a blast!! Since becoming a mom, Halloween still rings in as one of my top 3 favorite holidays! I enjoy putting my son in costumes and now that he’s older, we dress alike! He has no idea that Halloween can be scary and I would like to keep it that way. Here are 5 ways to have a “not so scary” Halloween!

1 Focus on Fall themes instead of Halloween. In my current city, there are many fall themed family festivals beginning in late September. They include hay rides, pumpkin patches, and candy! Best of all most of them are FREE!

2 Have your kids/family give out candy to trick-or -treaters. This is a great way to keep your kiddos from going trick-or-treating but still lets them take part in Halloween festivities.

3 Check our your local theme parks. I’m in the Orlando area where most of the parks (Disney, SeaWorld, LegoLand etc) have Halloween/Fall activities that are included in daily admission.

4 Make it a movie night! Dress up indoors, order a pizza/snacks and watch kid friendly movies such as Casper or Monsters Inc.

5 Carving/Painting Pumpkins! I’m not really about the carve life, so one year we literally bought paint and stickers and went to work! It’s was fun and easy and clean up was a breeze!

See below for more pics of our many Halloween adventures!

Hope you guys have a safe and fun Halloween!


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