Book of the Month- October πŸ“š

Summer is officially over and school is underway! Reading is one activity that brings me some calm between the hustle and bustle of work, school, business and parenting! This month I will be reading Scenes from a Single Mother Volume 1: Truth, Trials & Triumph- Compiled by The Tiffany Huff Experience! I got to meet the beautiful Tiffany Huff as I traveled to Pittsburgh this past June for Hustle her Way! I am amazed at all the genuine connections made when I travel to conferences and this meeting and book was right on time! While I do co-parent, I am soon to be a single (divorced) woman. I think this is the perfect collection of stories to guide me into this transition!

Im sure we all have our own “scenes” in parenting we can add! Grab your copy and read with me today!

Scenes From A Single Mom (Truth, Trials & Triumph) (Volume 1)


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