Book of the Month 📚 (May)

Happy Mothers Day Mamas!!

I almost didn’t read a new title this month, as I was so busy gearing up for my first event, Mamas and Mimosas- Then I thought, “How Sway? this is a moms blog and May is the month for mothers!” I quickly thought of this Dollar Tree find- yes I scored this title at Dollar Tree, which was perfect!

In this read, Maya Angelou talks about the feelings of abandonment that stayed with her since her mother sent her to live with her grandmother at a young age. As I have had my own struggles with my mother, I am curious to read how these experiences shaped the infamous literary Queen!

Maya Angelou and her mom, Vivian Baxter

My mother and I this past Mothers Day 5/13/18 💐

Hopefully you can pick this up for $1 and read along with me!

Happy Mothers Day Mamas ♥️💐♥️

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  1. Amelia J says:

    Dollar tree ??? I’ll start my search. Hey ms Terry 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl yes! I’ve found a few books there! And goodwill is my other spot 😉


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