Mama Luv ❣️♥️💕❤️❣️♥️

First it was Valentine’s Day- the Love month

When we think of Valentine’s Day most think of love in the form of a relationship, then family and friends

When you’re a mama, you think of your kiddos first

What about you mama?

Then we moved into Women’s History Month and International Women’s day- which also happens to be my birth month ayyyeee 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

We spend the month honoring women who have made significant strides.

What about you mama?

I want to encourage you to love up on yourself! Pour into yourself so you can give love to others- you can’t pour from an empty cup. If you’re not fulfilled, how are you giving yourself to others?

Below I’m sharing 10 simple ways I have been putting ME first! Feel free to indulge in some mama luv using the tips below and feel free to add your own!

1 Light a candle and take a bath! I have a garden tub which is separate from my shower. Since I usually jump in the shower, when I actually do take a bath- it feels like a retreat! (Don’t mind my sons cars in the corner 🤷🏾‍♀️)

2 With my bath, I use bath Bombs and other products from The Luxe Touch for a spa like experience

3 Watch TV! This sounds simple but for me watching TV is rare. My tv usually doesn’t get turned on through the week so getting to indulge is a luxury. Some may choose ratchet tv as a guilty pleasure but my show these days is hands down “Greys Anatomy”- DONT tell me I’m not an MD!

4 A subscription box. One of my favorites is Hello Mama Box. This monthly box offers products that cater to you mama! I always find a new treat in my box!

5 Hair Removal- Yes you read that right! I’m a fan of laser for most areas but I’ve recently been introduced to sugar waxing on my last parts! Hurts like hell- but well worth it!

6 Curl up with a good book! You can ALWAYS get lost in a good book! Each month here on the blog, I feature a book I am reading that month. Feel free to suggest some titles!

7 Mani’s, Pedi’s, Hair etc. Are you one of those women who doesn’t feel “dressed” without her crown? I am! My hair is a big part of my appearance! I am in the salon faithfully every two weeks (Shout out to Passionate Hair in Winter Park FL) which is a little retreat for me because you are offered WINE 🍷 Do I need to say more? This along with my nails are things I ensure I am able to do alone. I mean what kid wants to sit on a salon anyway?!

Hair by Angela Shenell @Passionate Hair in Winter Park FL

8 Go on a brunch date- alone! I was driving on my lunch break one day while talking to my cousin. I hear her say “Table for 1 please” That’s right- she had some lunch and wine mid day while the kids were in school. We have to learn to be comfortable spending time with ourselves!

9 Have a night out on the town! Whether it be with your man, or your girls! Girls Trip anyone? Throw back some shots, dance the night away and take an Uber home! As long as what you’re doing is fun for YOU! Yes we can have fun with our families too- but it’s usually something tailored to our kids- i.e. Disney. Do something fun for YOU and walk away with zero 🙅🏽‍♀️ regrets (because come Monday, we’re back on that Mommy Grind)

10 Last but certainly not least, go to church! Or do whatever it is you need to do to get spiritually filled! Whether that’s Praying, meditating or confessing to your spiritual leader. I tell you, getting filled with a good word on Sunday at Live Church in Orlando with Pastors Tye and Shante Tribbett really start my week off in a positive way. I find myself referring back to the word and/or scripture to get me through the week and even tuning in Live on Wednesday for a mid week blessing! If you’re in the Orlando area, come worship with us!

Don’t let Mother’s Day be the next time you love up on yourself! #ILoveUsForReal 🤣


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