Book of the Month ๐Ÿ“š (March)

This past year, on the journey to promoting my blog and brand, I have attended many conferences. Conferences geared towards women empowerment and becoming your best selves. I have been surrounded by many like minded women who have found their passions and purpose and are driven to succeed. They share this passion in the form of literary work- dropping all types of gems that can help others along their way!

It’s women’s history month- and who says we have to read only one book a month? This month I’m giving you the choice from a few of the Queens I have met along the way!

26 & Selfish by Whitney (Check our her blog

Live Limitless: A millennial guide to greatness by Sierra L. Rainge (Founder of The Authors Academy)

She Wins by Andromeda Raheem (Founder of Women by Choice)

Andromeda Raheem and I at Live Limitless conference 10/17

Dreamers, Take Action by Nikkie Pryce (Founder of The I Am community)

Nikki Pryce and I @ Live Limitless Conference 10/17

Eating Elephants: Winning life one bite at a time by Alechia Reese (Chief brand strategist of 360 Gateway brands)

Alecia Reese and I at Werk Pray Slay 11/17

Let me know which book you choose to read!

Happy women’s history month and happy reading!

Keara L. Elam


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