Book of the Month 📚January

One year!

Twelve months!

Twelve Books!

It’s been a year and we’re still going strong. Here’s a review of what’s been read:

January 17- Destiny by T.D. Jakes

February 17- Jump by Steve Harvey

March 17- The Big Letdown by Kimberly Seals Allers

April 17- Real Money Answers by Patrice Washington

May 17- Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols

June 17- Around the way Girl by Taraji Henson

July 17- Black Privilege by Charlamagne Tha God

August 17- The Mothers by Britt Bennett

October 17- Become your absolute best by Marcia Y Collins

November 17- Confessions of a werkaholic by Koereyelle

December 17- Where going to need more wine by Gabrielle Union

Wow! I’m excited… this year I want to continue reading but also want to grow! I would like to hold book club meetings at a remote location and although that may be difficult due to having a worldwide brand, we can use Social Media! Join my exclusive Facebook group so we can chat about the books read!

We will be starting the New Year with the word “Yessssssss”

And when I say “Yessssss” I mean Year of Yes: How to dance it out, stand in the sun and be your own person by Shonda Rhimes.

This is the year to say YES to your dreams, YES to your goals, YES to your visions!

Grab your copy today and join me in saying “Yassssssss!!”


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