Book of the Month πŸ“š December

Wow! It’s been a year… my final “book of the month” post and I have a confession πŸ—£

I started reading this months book last month 😩

But I have good reason! I had heard so much hype about this book so I ordered it with the intent of reading it in December. I actually FINISHED November’s book early- Go me!! But don’t fret, I only read the free intro provided by amazon when you make a purchase 😜🀣

I can say that short excerpt left me wanting to finish reading. This month we are going to indulge in some wine 🍷 Yasssss we will need more with Gabrielle Unions “Were going to need some more wine”

What better way to end our year than to wine down (Wine… get it 😜) with some laughs, truths and motivation for the year to come! And when I say truths, Ms. Union definitely gives it to us raw!

Grab your copy today and don’t forget your wine πŸ·πŸ˜‰



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