Holiday Breast Pump Giveaway 🎁

I’ll be the first to admit that breastfeeding is a full time job! When you add in pumping, it literally becomes your life! If baby is not attached to the breast, then a pump is! 

Pumping is a blessing as it allows moms to continue to breastfeed even when away from baby. I went back to work when my son was about 3 months old and was able to continue to breatsfeed him for two years because I was able to pump at work. My company’s insurance was so great to give me a breastpump for FREE!

 For those of you who don’t know, pumps are extremely expensive ranging from $300 and up! 

Every mama is not as fortunate to have health insurance provide a pump. This holiday season, I would like to gift one lucky mama with a breastpump and accessories. Help me make a nursing moms holiday a little more cheerful!

Donate here 👉🏾

Thanks in advance for your support ♥️


#NormalizeBreastfeeding #BlackWomenBreastfeedToo #PumpingMamas

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  1. Yes. I love this. I’m a breastfeeding mommy and I’m on my 7th month and I love it. I even love pumping at work even though I didn’t think I would. It gives me two breaks. God bless you for this giveaway. What a blessing.

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    1. Thank you Queen and yassss to being on Month 7! I was the same way, didn’t think I would go that long but my job let me take a pumping break any time I needed it!


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