Book of the Month 📚 October

With all the craziness surrounding the month of September (Hurricane Irma), I did not take the time to read a new book. I should have, as it would have taken my mind off everything else going on. As I’m just now getting my groove back (also missed the last 2 weeks of class and had to make up all the work), I was about to go another month without reading a new book! I quickly got out of that rut because of I’m not reading, I’m not learning! And I’d rather be reading anyway instead of filling my head with nonsense like reality shows and the antics of #45 🙄🙄🙄

This August I began a new position at a new school in a new district! I was so unhappy at my previous job and vowed mid year that I was NOT going back. Even with no position lined up, I enjoyed my summer break and put it in God’s hands 🙏🏾 I got hired June 28 and everything about my new job has just fell in place- not to mention, it’s less than a 10 minutes drive versus the 1 hour drive I took each way at my previous job! You see, even with beginning my brand, I was never sure I wanted to be a full time entrepreneur. I actually LIKE going to work and being faced with new tasks daily. It’s such a relief now that I love my day job just as much as my brand! 

This wasn’t a mistake. In getting to know my new co-workers, a came across another mompreneuer! Not only is Mrs. Collins-Brown an Educator, she also holds the titles of Life Coach, Speaker, Educational Strategist and Author! We quickly connected and I immediately purchased her book! 

Mrs. Collins-Brown and I in our schools Media Center! 

I’m so excited to dive into her book as it will help me to bridge the gap between Educator and Entrepreneurship! Be sure to get your copies today and follow her on all social media outlets!

Become your absolute best: A practical residency guide for professionals to stand out among the crowd in education 


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