While we’re winding down, going back to school (southern states may have began already) I realized that our summer was no where as eventful as last summer! However, one impromptu trip to my home, New York was one of great significance.


You see, while I was born and raised in the big apple (I’ve never lived anywhere else until moving to Florida 8 years ago) my son is a straight Floridian! Yup born at the well known  Winnie Palmer hospital, he doesn’t know subways and block parties…. more like palm trees, beaches 🌊 and love bugs 😩🤣 

FarRockaway, Queens NY

We decided to visit NY for my nephews graduation from Pre-K going into Kindergarten. While we were only there for two days, my boy got what I like to call a raw New York experience! This is a kid who has never rode a city bus and gets excited to see taxi’s! I am happy he got to experience some of the culture of New York, as I raise a well rounded individual!

 Take a look here 👇🏾

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  1. mayasspace says:

    Its been too long since I’ve been to NY (a few months) and this has definitely made me want to go back! Nowhere like it

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    1. Yessss and simple things like an ice cream truck or kids actually playing outside is so rare! I’m glad my son got to see those things!


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