Chefin’ it up! 👩🏾‍🍳

Most of your earliest memories of cooking (especially as a black woman), is…

Who taught you? 

What are their special dishes?

Any secret families recipes?

… you’ll get stories of remembrance like standing on a stool with grandma breaking up the green beans. Stories of how you baked cookies from scaratch with your favorite Auntie or the most famous- you forgot to take the chicken out and mama got in that ass! 

I don’t have any of those stories! What I remember about meals in my house growing up was my mother coming home from work, kicking off her heels, dropping her bags and going straight to the kitchen. Still in her work attire she would begin making dinner (the importance of taking out the chicken 😩) We were already home from school a few hours before. Snack was waiting on the table, we took baths and had our homework done- left open on the table for her to check. The only time we came to the kitchen was when we heard her call “Come eat dinner!”

On Sundays, my family would all go to church. I remember my grandmother sneaking out early, which I always got a kick out of (She’s a piece of work if you’ve ever met her 🤣) After church we would all go to my grandmothers house and have dinner. It was hot and fresh- now I know the reason for her sneaking out! This is what I remember about family dinners. Even today, my aunt is the chef in the family. We live for her cooking BUT do not dare go into her kitchen! She is very particular about her food and makes everyone’s plates- even seconds! You know black women, “I don’t do everyone’s hands in my food!”

So go ahead, take it away. Yeah my “black card” because what I’m about to tell you will have you looking at me like “oooh girl”!

 I HATE COOKING 🙅🏾🙅🏾🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

Maybe it’s because I don’t have any of those special memories. My memories center more on gathering with family around food but us kids were never in the kitchen. I told my mom it’s her fault I don’t like cooking since we were always told “Go stay in a child’s place!” A guess I learned that cooking wasn’t for kids 🤷🏾‍♀️

I mean my food is edible, most times really good- but I don’t enjoy making it! It’s a required task. Something I only do because, well, we have to eat to survive! It’s merely something that is required but I don’t necessarily like to do! Working full time, being a parent, a student and a boss mom 💁🏾- I felt like it was taking sooooo much time from my day! I’ve even tried meal preparation services! 

But then I found a kitchen a kitchen accessory that made life much easier… A PRESSURE COOKER! Why didn’t y’all let a sista know?! 

I mean I still hate cooking but I literally can make meals in minutes! I made a whole dinner in less than an hour- no lie 🙅🏾 Chicken- 30 minutes Brown rice 🍚 pilaf- 10 minutes and Broccoli- 2 minutes! 

Frozen Chicken Pasta- 20 minutes 

Browned Chicken- 30 minutes 

What are some quick recipes you have made with your pressure cooker? Better yet, any other magical kitchen appliances I should know about?! 


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  1. mssavvysasha says:

    Oh girl! That food is making me hungry! I never did any of those things w my mom either cuz she liked everything her way which is why I let my son do stuff like help cook and help put up the Christmas tree cuz I was never allowed. Only reason I kno how to cook is cuz my mom went in the hospital for three months w my lil brother so since I was the older I had to learn! I’m definitely on the side of the spectrum where I’m extra w my son cuz I stuff I wasn’t allowed to do. Loved the post!

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    1. Hey Queen! Thanks for reading! I’m the same way with my son now too! I still don’t like cooking 🤣 but I try and bake with him and let him do small tasks. My mom just had her routine and my dad got off late too so she just did it all 🤷🏾‍♀️

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      1. mssavvysasha says:

        Of course! I enjoyed it😁 that’s how my mom and dad were too schedule wise! Yup! The kids feel good as long as they help😂

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  2. Jasamine says:

    Wish I could’ve read this post back in my “kitchen struggle” days. Lol But just in the past couple of years I started to love to cook however hate to be in the kitchen all day! Under an hour is def my style, will be giving it a try.

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    1. What are some of the things you’ve done to help you love the kitchen? Yessss over an hour is way to long lol Thanks for reading Queen


  3. Sherita says:

    Loved it! My memories are with my Uncles and Aunts because moms was always working. I didn’t learn to cook with my mom until I was an adult. I still struggle with my son helping because he is all over the place bring the “chef” as he says 😩 This blog brought back some great memories.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading! Now you can pass some recipes on to your son, the chef lol


  4. A pressure cooker is the best thing ever! We had the older versions back in the islands and now with the upgraded ones are even better. Your good looks amazing!

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    1. Thank you! I’m hoping to try more recipes with it!


  5. Kendro says:

    lol I thoroughly enjoyed this, especially about your grandma dipping out of church on Sundays. My mom was the SAME way with us growing up and to this day: she does NOT want anybody in her kitchen lol. I actually never tried a pressure cooker and honestly I’m not in the mood to cook this summer lol. But for fall and winter, oh yes I’m gonna be cooking up a storm!


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    1. Haha Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed! I can honestly say summer has proven harder to cook since I don’t enjoy it but the pressure cooker is so fast! I’m sure in the cooler months I’ll get into more soups and stuff!!


  6. kedawithani says:

    This looks amazing… I hate cooking as well bit sentenced to do so by the dictates of parent hood.. pfft… lol oh yea thought you should know the pressure is pretty freaking awesome… i have a manual one that I simply cannot live without.☺☺

    Nice post.

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    1. Thanks for reading! I’m glad you could relate… I can’t tell you how many “I love cooking” mamas I come across 🤣🤣

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