Blogger Recognition Award 🥇 

Ayyyyyyeeeee!! Yup, this Queen was nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award! I’m so honored…. not just because I’ve only recently began blogging in January, but also because doing it makes ME happy! For others to recognize and appreciate my words just fills me up even more! It inspires me to keep writing and always acknowledge MY WHYS’S…. and my readers have easily become a part of those “why’s” ❤️ 

First, I must acknowledge and sincerely thank the dope blogger who nominated me! Black Bloggers are making waves 🌊 and I’m glad to be in the number! THANKS SOOOO MUCH 🙏🏾 Meikko! Please make sure you check out her blog @

Next, a brief story on how my blog got started… I’ll try and make this brief 🤣 after all I’m naturally a writer 🤷🏾‍♀️. Long story short, my passion- this blog was birthed from pain! My spouse and I separated when our son was about 1 years old. I was always deathly afraid of being a single parent/co-parent (those are always ugly) but hey, shit happens- and like the strong black woman I only knew how to be, I continued to press on in motherhood while still pursuing my own ventures. Many people noticed the things I did with my son (including being an advocate for {black women} breastfeeding) and always commented, liked, shared or came to me for advice. I had to tell myself- “Queen! You are doing the damn thing!” Not only was I proud of myself, but I wanted to share this with the world- hence how I began blogging! 

Whew… That’s going to have to be another blog post because there’s soooooo much more to that story! Lol (For the record, we have an AMAZING co-parenting relationship ❤️)

Two small pieces of advice I can offer to other bloggers: (1) Most bloggers write because they simply like to. With that, I can advise you to be as authentic and transparent as possible! Your readers want to know the real you! They want to feel like they share something special with the person behind the words…. and as a blogger, you’ll want that relationship with your readers as well! (2) Quality over Quantity! This is something I struggled with as I hear others say things like “Oh I blog about twice a week!” Chile, everyone’s situation is different and your content will probably reflect that. There’s no way I can blog that often- if I did I would be putting out garbage and uninteresting reads. And besides, that would be unauthentic of me. I can’t preach being a #ModernDayBlackMama (I have so many other responsibilities) but have time to blog that often 🤷🏾‍♀️ (Kudos to those of you who do) 

Finally, I must spread the love ❤️ I’m nominating 15 other bloggers! Be sure to check out their sites as these are some of my favorites! (In no particular order)

1. Nicquana Tashea @ 

2. Malika Yasmin (All you gotta do is) @

3. Princess @

4. Melanie Marie @

5. Brandi Mishonna @

6. Sarah Dam- Chambers @

7. Shanicia Boswell @

8. Koereyelle @

9. Samareua Trenise @

10.  Victoria Mason (Black Bloggers United) @

11. Lynette Thompson @

12. Courtney Sanders @

13. Candice VanWye (Brown Girl Bloggers) @ 

14. Tenelle Chaleece (multiple guest bloggers) @ 

15. Jasmine Hall @

Please be sure to visit these dope blogs! 

Again thanks to Meikko Love ❤️ for the nomination! 


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  1. Malika says:

    You are so dope and an amazing mama! I appreciate the content and love you put out there!!!! ❤️


  2. divasusie says:

    Thank you for sharing how you became a blogger

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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