Throw some ‘black’ on it! 

It’s Black History Month!! Although we recognize and honor our people all year round, this months emphasis on us is broadcasted worldwide…Boy am I proud! Looking at my sons library, I have to admit didn’t make me feel like a proud black mama . None of his books were written by African American authors. None of the illustrations showed characters that looked like him.. characters he could relate to culturally. This month (and don’t worry this will continue) I have decided to fill his library with a wide range of culturally diverse stories. I will read him a new story every few days (he usually likes to re-read books) to read as many as possible! Let’s pass the love of reading on to our children! 

We would love for you to join us! What titles will you be reading or have read with your little ones? Can you recommend some titles/authors? 

#BlackWomenRead #BlackKidsRead #ModernDayBlackMama 📚📖📚📖

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