Kids say the darnest things! 

One of my favorite parts of Parents Magazine is the ‘Oops- Quirky Quotes from kids’ section! I always get a good laugh and then think of the funniest things my son says these days! It’s not so much the humor, but the innocence of the way his untainted mind thinks at this age that warms my heart.

The other day my sister came from work and announced, “OMG my back is on fire!” My son told her “Oh no, we need to call the fire station!” 😩😩😂😂🔥🔥🚒🚒

I can write a book on some of the things he says that keep me giggling (hmmm not a bad idea 💡… to write down some of the things he says and does and show him when he’s older!) 

I could use a good laugh…What are some of the quirky things your little one has said? 

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