Modern Day book of the month

I remember one summer morning on a break from college, I was sitting on the porch reading a book. My uncle came over and looked at me strangely and asked why I was reading. I looked back just as strange and continued to read. He said “You’re such a geek, who reads during summer break”

I didn’t take offense, as I have always been an avid reader… I mean they do say reading is fundamental! Reading can open up a world of possibilities and allows us to expand our vocabulary. If you can’t read, I am not sure how far in life you will get! I have always enjoyed reading-I can enjoy anything from non-fiction to a romantic comedy ! As a ModernDayBlackMama, we don’t only read urban novels, but also books of substance such as self help books, faith based books and others that help us to realize and reach our full potential. 

Each month, I will be reading a book and at the end of the month, posting a review. I welcome you to read along with me for some different views, fresh ideas and healthy debate! 

January’s book will be Destiny: Step into your purpose by T.D. Jakes

It can be found on amazon but this modern day mama scored her copy at Goodwill for $2! 

  • A heads up, February’s book will be Jump: Take the leap of faith to achieve your life of abundance by Steve Harvey (I will also be doing his free 21 day jump challenge 😬)


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  1. madroo007 says:

    Wow I love to read also and as a mom and grandmother I always give my kids books on Christmas. I will order TD Jake’s book and join you.

    Madrona Brown

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    1. Yessss! Reading can be so fun, happy you can join! Make sure you check Goodwill, I find a lot of books there!

      Liked by 1 person

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