Where a kid can STILL be a kid! 

As I took my son to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese yesterday, I also came across this gem. As a parent, I love places suited just for kids. Places where they are free to be themselves and indulge in pure fun! As an Educator-specifically Special Education with a specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorders, there are limited places where my kids (yes they are mine too) can be themselves. They often receive therapy their whole lives to submit to what we call “social norms”. I am elated that Chuck E Cheese has recognized that they are STILL are kids. How about it for a place where society conforms to their norms- low lighting, less noise and/or stimulation! Sensitive Sensory Sunday’s are such a blessing ❤ It’s where a kid can STILL be a kid! 

 Visit chuckecheese.com for a location near you 

#ModernDayBlackMama #ChuckECheese #SensitiveSensorySundays

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  1. Bev says:

    I checked this out when you posted awhile back on Facebook and there were not any locations in the NYC area. (Sad face) As I work with Special Needs Preschool, I am always excited when I come across an opportunity or place that will desensitize an over stimulating environment. I guess I will have to write in to Chuck E Cheese.

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  2. Danyaal says:

    Congratulations first off and yes i absolutely love chuck E Cheese!! As a mom with a kid with special needs i definitely look for different places to take my son.

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    1. Yesss I be sure to keep you posted, there are places all over!


  3. Shatisha says:

    Congrats I’m excited for you!!! You have made me proud to know a friend/cousin like you. It feels so good to see my people doing great things

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    1. Thank you so much! We are all so talented and have gifts!


  4. Ms. Lisa says:

    Hello Ladies…
    I remember most of you as children, and young ones. I feel honored as a teacher to see each of you flourish to mark your :
    “BRAND” ,”FOOTPRINT” and “STAMP” and to be a staple in your communities, as well as to your families. Also to pay it forward to see how the young QUEENS you are become infectious and touch other upcoming Queens.
    Keep DREAMING and once it’s a reality ask “What’s the next journey”?
    Keara I am loving what I see of the woman you’ve become!!

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