Like Mama, like son… Fitness for kids! 

A few months ago I found myself looking for an activity outside of daycare for my son. Although I felt he was too young and may not enjoy it, I looked into T-ball but the class was full. After some research, I found My Gym which offers structured play groups centered around fitness for kids! I must admit it’s a bit pricey, but my son LOVES it! It’s critical in this day and age to instill the importance of health and fitness into our children at a young age. Growing up in my culture and environment, the most I got was the ability to go outside and run around with my friends! Times have changed so much-I’d be a nervous wreck letting my son out alone! Although my mom always seemed healthy, I never recall her working out! In fact, it was quite uncommon for adults to have gym memberships, let alone kids! I am happy that my son sees me passionate about health and wellness and then gets to participate in his own (even thought it’s just a huge play area to him lol) Look up the local My Gym in your area! ​

#ModernDayBlackMom #Fitness

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