Fit Mama! 

1st workout of the year complete!! 

Today’s moms are what we call MILF’S (Moms in Love with Fitness) Who says you have to be unhealthy and out of shape because you’re a mom?! I refuse to adhere to the stereotype, especially for women of color! YouFit gym offers what most of us mamas use as an excuse… Child Care! With my son growing more independent and able to advocate for himself, I am comfortable with leaving him there (I only work out for an hr). Besides, it’s really no different than the daycare he attends daily when I’m at the day job! For me, YouFit was a perfect fit… for 30 bucks a month, I get unlimited gym access, unlimited group fitness classes, unlimited guest privileges, discounted items such as drinks and gear and the best of all unlimited child care for up to 3 children! Now there’s no excuse for you not to be a fit Mama! Search for your local YouFit today! #ModernDayBlackMama #FitMama

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  1. ramansaini25 says:

    I hear you!! Fitness is so important for your mind and body!

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