You Are Not Alone! 

The Month of May is nationally known as Mental Health Awareness Month. It would be an absolute injustice not to talk about an area of depression that affects many new moms. In fact, it would be unfair. You or someone you know may be suffereing or have suffered from:


Postpartum depression is depression suffered by a mother following childbirth, typically arising from the combination of hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to motherhood and fatigue.

Lets face it, motherhood is TIRING! It’s a huge adjustment, especially for a brand new mom. I myself had to adjust to being a new mom, going back to work, completing my masters degree online, and breastfeeding full time! It’s little things- for example, going to my son’s first doctors appointment, I forgot his diaper bag at home! I was not used to leaving the house with more items than my purse! Thank god I didn’t leave him! 😩😂

In the African American community (and other minority communities), mental health is not a topic that is talked about. In fact, it can frowned upon if you are suffering. In this way, many suffer in silence. Many experience the symptoms, but chalk it up to other things that may be going on in their lives. 

“Give it to God”, “You’ll get through this”, “You’ll be fine” they say! Rather than “Lets get you some help” 
Chrissy Teigen, wife of John Legend opens up about her personal experience with PostPartum depression in Glamour Magazine’s March 2017 issue.

Initially, Teigan kept quiet about her condition- mainly because she didn’t know she was suffering. Everyone else around her saw the signs and even today she still struggles to accept the label coining it “PostPartum”. She explains that when you add the word “Depression” there is a certain stigma attached to it. This couldn’t be truer in the African American community. Most don’t believe in these labels, seeing a therapist or counselor, or even admit to themselves that something may be wrong. For all moms, I think it may be the embarrassment attached to it. Many may judge you thinking that you don’t love your child. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Chrissy shares how her baby girl, Luna, was the only bright thing in her life- yet she couldn’t seem to drag herself out of the house most days. Surprisingly, she shared how she had physical ailments related to her PostPartum depression. She went to the doctor complaining of daily aches and pains and even vomiting. This was shocking to me as I was able to relate. 

No, I did not suffer from PostPartum- Well I wasn’t diagnosed, but after my son was born, my marriage began to crumble. I was sad all the time, crying and refusing to talk to family and friends (all my family and friends are in NY while I relocated to FL) I remember them calling each other asking if anyone had heard from me. I didn’t think anything of it- just my normal coping mechanism when I wanted to be left alone. When my son was around 4 months, my hands and wrists began to ache. I eventually saw a Doctor who discussed with me how your body changes after pregnancy and it appeared I was suffering from the early stages of Carpel Tunnel. The thing is, most of the symptoms he described didn’t fit me! All I knew was that I had pain so I ended up getting the cortisone shots in both hands to relieve the pain. But as Chrissy said, NONE of this sadness was transferred to my son. I naturally attributed this sadness to my failing marriage. 

I am not one that is against counseling, therapy or treatment. I knew what PostPartum was but was also going through a tough time personally. Statistics  show that 1 in 8 women will experience PostPartum depression, however only 15% will seek treatment. Let’s change these statistics- especially in the African American community! I encourage you to seek help if you have the slightest idea that you could be suffering.  Do not allow anyone to make you believe your symptoms are not real- You are not alone… and there is help! 

For more information including symptoms and treatment please visit 


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Book of the Month (June) 📚

I decided to announce the book I am reading for the Month of June ahead of time to give you time to purchase the book if you choose to read along with me! I purchased mine on Amazon 

Growing up in an urban neighborhood, I always had high hopes for myself- And I didn’t let my environment stop me. I was the first to graduate High School since my older cousin who was in his late 30’s at the time! I was the first to graduate College with a Bachelors degree. Hell, I’m probably the only one with a Masters Degree! I am happy to note that those statistics are changing- my younger cousins are making me so damn proud! 

In “Around the way girl”, Taraji P. Henson shares her journey from the hood to Hollywood and the joy of living in your own truth! I can’t wait to dive into this one as I’m sure I will be able to relate to many things while also getting a laugh at her over the top but relateable personality! 

Pick one up and read with me.. I’m sure we all have a little “around the way girl” in us 😉 

✨ModernDayBlackMama✨ #WeReadToo #BlackGirlsRead

And the winner is… 🤞🏾(Mother’s Day Giveaway) 

So I decided to host a Mother’s Day giveaway!! I wanted to take the time to honor one lucky mama with a gift basket filled with goodies from some other Mompreneuers! Listed below are details on how to enter and some of the prizes included in the gift basket! 

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Thank you to all the moms who entered and an extra special thanks to my sponsors! Mrs. Hayes, I will be contacting you to claim your prize! 

Happy Mother’s Day 💐💐💐💐


“Hair” today, gone tomorrow! 

Really Shea Moisture? 🤦🏾‍♀️ In my Charlemagne voice, “I give you Donkey 🐎 of the day!” (More like a lifetime because I’m sure you just lost a lot of customers!)

If you are not familiar with the recent events with the Shea Moisture brand, read a magazine, go on YouTube, social media etc…)

The recent coverage surrounding this well known brand led me to thinking about another topic since I had previously used their line on my son’s hair…


African American boys (and maybe even in other cultures) are known to get their first hair cut at the age of one 1️⃣. Before then, babies heads are really sensitive and not ready for the harsh reality of chemicals and clippers! For us, I think it also symbolizes the act of a little boy entering toddlerhood. At one years old, they are usually walking and beginning to talk. That first haircut has them looking like a “big boy”…It’s like a right of passage from being a baby!

You see, this transformation never happened for my son. He was born with a head full of hair and as months passed, his lucious locks turned into the cutest curly fro!

 He came out like this 🤷🏾‍♀️ He was actually hairy all over- I called him “My hairy little monster” (And nope, 🙅🏾 I didn’t experience any heartburn during my pregnancy!) 

We got many comments on his hair- “His hair is amazing”, “He has more hair than me!” “Don’t ever cut it, it’s awesome!”

I loved his little Afro and a huge part of me was reminded of my late southern born daddy who sported an Afro until the late 90’s! (No I’m not kidding- maybe even into 2000 🤦🏾‍♀️)

Washing my son’s hair was easy as it got washed in the bathtub 🛀. His Afro was still manageable at this point- just a simple wash and condition and he was good to go!

As time went on, the fro got bigger and bigger so I began to twist it to keep his head cool (We live in Florida ☀️) I am the furthest thing from a hair dresser but I would put in single braids while he was sleeping. At this age, he was not disciplined enough to sit between my legs to get his hair done (Another staple in the African American community)

To define his look a little I attempted to get him his first “shape up”. I thought he was the cutest thing ever but another barber advised me not to do it again until he was about three 3️⃣or four 4️⃣ years old. He explained that his hair line still needed time to grow and would get pushed back with continued shape ups.

Washes began to become a struggle as well 😩Since his hair was so long, it began to get tangled so I had to condition and comb it out. He began going to a hairdresser who neatly did cornrows. He HATED the wash, but he did sit for the blow dry and braiding without much fuss (on my lap of course) I made it a point for him not to go too often because I didn’t want the heat of blow drying it straight to cause him to lose his natural curls. I also felt the price was a little steep for a two year old (approx $40-$55) but I guess I can’t complain given the screams she had to deal with and his hair came out amazing every time​!

Hairstyles by @naomimonroe at All Jazzed up Orlando, FL

As his hair was in the middle of his back at only two years old, and I didn’t think it was fair for him to have to go through tough washes,  I thought it was definitely time for a haircut! I researched a few styles that I thought he would look so handsome with! I prepped him by reading books about the barber shop, (Bippity Bop Barbershop by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley) however when it was time for his cut, he was even MORE hysterical than when getting his hair washed and braided. He screamed “I don’t want a haircut!” He ended up getting an edge/tapered cut which I DID NOT like! They had my baby looking like a grown ass man- sideburns shaped up and all!

As of last week, I attempted a new method and washed, conditioned, and untangled his hair in four sections. It took much longer ⏲ but this was the first in a long time where there were absolutely NO tears 🙌🏾

So here we are now- a three 3️⃣ year old boy with more hair than a teenager! 

I was previously in a Facebook group called “Moms of black sons” and when I posted a pic of him, some ignorant person commented “Are you raising an androgynous child?” I was pissed 😡 What does his hair have to do with how he is being raised? What about the characteristics of being loving, caring, understanding and optimistic? Besides, my son CLEARLY knows that he is a boy! I don’t remember my comment word for word, but it was something to the effect of “his hair does not define him…” Of course I am no longer a part of that group!

This was the pic I posted- I had just taken down his braids and was getting ready to wash it (He hardly ever wears it out like this) 

So talk to me, how do you feel about boys having hair? Is it time for a cut? Any tips on making this process run a little smoother?


Book of the Month 📚(May)

If you’ve been following the blog and reading with me, you know that we have been diving into books that help us to realize what our passion is. What is it that you would love to be doing daily? What are you great at without much effort but brings forth an insane amount of happiness? 

Once you discover your passion, we want to find out what our purpose is. What were you put on this earth 🌏 to do? Your passion and purpose should align with each other. Once we have uncovered our passion and purpose, we begin to create a vision for ourselves on how to live out these elements. 

So you have your passion, purpose and vision.. now what?! 🤷🏾‍♀️ This may sound simple to some but to others this is the scary part 😳 What do we do with our vision? Where do you start on your journey to live it? Steve Harvey noted in the forward that people resist transformation. We limit ourselves because we are afraid of change. We get comfortable and fear the unknown. 

Lisa Nichols in “Abundance now: Anplify your life & achieve prosperity today” shares steps you can take to create abundance in all aspects of your life.

Essence magazine speaks highly, stating “Abundance now will get you and keep you going on your journey without ever losing steam or your stride.” 

Pick up your copy today ( or local book stores) and begin reading with me! 



I’m about that Green Smoothie Life! 

How does one go from living a pescatarian lifestyle to completely unhealthy?! And it doesn’t even begin there- I was raised only eating chicken 🍗 turkey 🦃 and fish 🐟… I only started eating chicken again once I because pregnant with my son. I wanted to ensure I was getting all the proper nutrients for my growing baby. I was able to snap back within two weeks and kept the weight off by breastfeeding him for nearly two years! 

Once weaned, the pounds slowly creeped up. I was unmotivated to eat clean or work out because I hadn’t really done so in 2 years! I finally got a personal trainer who helped me lose about 10 pounds. I was on a strict meal plan and training with her twice a week. Summer came and my trainer moved- you can just about guess what happened after that! Not only did I put back on the 10 pounds that I lost, add 10-20 more! At 150 pounds, I was bigger than I had ever been (excluding pregnancy). I attempted to lose the weight on my own, since I was equipped with everything from my trainer. I lost 2 pounds a week for 2 consecutive weeks, and then winter break hit 😩 . You see, I’m the type of person who needs someone holding me accountable! Even the fact that I had to pay a trainer kept me motivated! I needed help because the scale was only moving up! 

A coworker told me about JJ Smiths’s green smoothie cleanse where you can lose up to 15 pounds in 10 days. It’s more of a detox program-however, I felt it was the kick in the ass I needed. I purchased the book and supplies and was ready to go! 

I purchased mine on Amazon for about $8. It is also available at Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, Target etc. 

You would have to get the book and see how the program would work for you but here is what I did: 

Be sure to weigh yourself and take pictures at the beginning of your cleanse! I took full body pics but I was damn near naked. I’m not THAT Modern to be posting my ass online 🙅🏾

Day 1 with my first smoothie!!

Days 1 and 2, I began with the modified plan(more details in book), consuming two smoothies a day and a light meal. I began this way to ease myself into the cleanse without giving up prematurely. I ate approved snacks and drank a gallon of water. The plan calls for 64 oz of water I believe, but I was already accustomed to drinking a gallon a day.

Days 3-10 I did the full cleanse, consuming 3 smoothies a day, eating approved snacks and drinking a gallon of water a day.

On Day 4, I added Mag 07, a detox cleanser suggested by JJ Smith. I took five pills each night and had a heavy bowel movement each morning 💩💩💩

On Day 4, I also began to add hemp protein powder to my smoothies and got a little creative with my approved snacks.

Tuna was one of the only snacks that made me feel like I was eating!!

I was afraid of days 6-7 as it was the weekend, but when I stepped on the scale and saw a SIX pound weight loss, I was amazed! This cleanse was actually working!! 

Each morning I drank a cup of Yogi brand detox tea ☕️I’m a big tea drinker so this was a normalcy for me.

Now for the big day 🤞🏾I was ASTONISHED on Day 11 when the scale read…

I had lost 8.4 lbs in 10 days 😳😳😳 

Losing/maintaining weight and eating clean is fucking hard! This cleanse was hard! But it can be done! There are thousands of people about that green smoothie life!! Be sure to join the Facebook group where there are many people who will be on the same day as you. No, I did not have a live trainer to hold be accountable but the people in the group were SUPER supportive, as well as JJ Smith herself leaving comments and tips daily! 

Two days AFTER the smoothie cleanse and feeling amazing! Feeling lighter, skin brighter 💁🏾

I even decided to continue my smoothies for breakfast daily! 

This is my journey with JJ Smith’s green smoothie cleanse… results may vary but I highly recommend this detox cleanse for a jump start to weight loss or a clean eating lifestyle! She also has another book, 30 day smoothie challenge which I plan to begin April 17! I’m about that green smoothie life! Lol 


Book of the Month! #April 

Its April y’all- TAX DEADLINE!! It’s  time to talk about finances! We will be reading “Real money answers for every woman: How to win the money game with or without a man” by Patrice C. Washington 
This guide was written to help women get out of debt, rebuild their credit and fulfill their financial dreams! 

Don’t worry, there’s a book for men too! “Real money answers for men: The ultimate playbook for financial success by Patrice Washington 

Both books are available on Amazon! 

Tax time is not the only time you should be concerned about finances…Don’t let this be you!! 😳😳😳

As you can see my copy is all mangled as I have read it a few times! I always refer to it and go back for finance tips! 


Not only because I didn’t finish (hey I had a busy month 🤷🏾‍♀️) but because it’s an awesome read so far that ALL mothers breastfeeding, considering to breastfeed or have done so in the past should read! “The Big Letdown: How medicine, big business, and feminism undermine breastfeeding ” by Kimberly Seals Allers

Happy Reading 📖 


“Women don’t breastfeed, cultures do” 

“I’ve had 4 kids, but this- I cannot help you with”. These were the words spoken to me by my mother, who came down to Florida to watch her second grandson enter this world 🌎 and help me to make a smooth transition into motherhood. This was a new journey for me as a first time mom, and I desperately needed my mom.

Mommy watches the first hours of me becoming a mommy ♥️

She waited on me hand and foot- from rubbing  my feet before I went into labor, to making meals and doing laundry for a month after my son was born. She basically took care of me while I took care of him (My spouse had gone back to work). There were times when she would just take him from my arms and tell me to go shower, or take a nap. She helped with everything, but one thing- breastfeeding.

My mom had given birth to 4 children and had never breastfed any of them. She said it was just something she never thought about. My grandmother- her mother, had 10 kids and never breastfed. This same woman, a matriarch in my family told my cousin who breastfed a few years before me “Why are you doing that, it’s so old fashioned”

Before my cousin, I hadn’t known anyone personally who breastfed. Upon moving to Florida and developing a relationship with my half-sister, I learned that she had breastfed both my nieces. She was also at the birth of Phoenix and if it hadn’t been for her, I would have never made it. I went on knowing I wanted to attempt to breastfeed so as I’m filling out my paperwork before being induced, the nurses wrote in bold letters NO FORMULA, BREAST MILK ONLY 💪🏾That was the first instance that it became real to me, that I was making a stand and doing what I thought was best for my soon to be born son. I was told a Lactation Specialist would visit my room not long after he was born to help get me started. No one ever showed. My sister was the one who put my son on my breast for the first time.

First Latch! 

When we were released and my breast began to ache and swell, she put hot washcloths on my breasts and helped me to express some milk. My mom and I were both amazed. Mommy kept saying “Wow, look what God has allowed your body to do”. In her amazement, I knew she felt a sense of defeat. She was there to help me in any way she could, but as I cried in pain, there was nothing she could do. No advice to offer. No one to tell me to call.

I stuck with it and was blessed to breastfeed my little man into toddlerhood. The the first nights at home were rough. I was at a lost of what to do and how to get him to latch properly. I felt defeated and questioned if this natural process was for me. We eventually saw a Lactation specialist who helped make life so much easier. I attended the support group which let me know I wasn’t alone. When I met with her individually, it was the small things, such as recognizing my triple D breasts were too big for the 24 mm flanges that came with my pump!

Throughout my journey, the people I felt I should have gotten the most support from were the least supportive. “Get him off the titty”, “He’s to big now”, “Are you sure you’re not getting any pleasure from that?!” (Close you’re mouth, because YES, that was actually said to me) Why is it that me, a black woman- didn’t have a village of women who breastfed before me? With 9 aunts and uncles from my moms side of the family, there should have been at least a few. I have had a family member who was pregnant say, “I’m not having my baby sucking on me like a dog”.

Now that I have been through it, I recognize that her statement was made from her being unaware. We didn’t know anything about nursing a baby. About feeding our children the natural way god intended our bodies to do. The system has set us up to fail- offering formula in your take home bag even when you insist- “Take it just in case”.

There was a time when black women fed white babies. We were slaves and forced to feed them. Yes, they knew it was the best thing for their child, they just didn’t want to do it (for many reasons I can speculate) so they got our rich melanated-filled chocolate milk! I have a hypothesis that black women today or maybe in the past fed off that notion. They were forced to do it then so today they want to feel like they have a choice. They want to use their voice in saying “No, I’m not going to breastfeed”, without having a master over their back forcing them to endure the pain of sore, cracked nipples and the sting of the first latch (which was actually a few weeks for me… ouch!)

Picture retrieved via google images

Personally, I did not resonate with that hypothesis. I did have a choice.

I chose to breastfeed my baby and accept whatever changes to my body came along with it.

Chose to accept the pain of engorgement.

Chose to accept not being separated from my baby for long periods of time.

Chose to pump every three hours while back at work.

Chose to go through cluster feeding during his first few days of life.

Chose to wake up every few hours in the middle of the night to put a baby to my breast.

And certainly chose to whip out my breast- with or without a cover, wherever we were to feed my son (and I dare anyone to say anything to me!)

Still nursing at 18 months… AND?? 😜

As I breastfed my son for 22 months (before I was forced to stop because of an uneducated physician 👨‍⚕️…a story for another time 🙄) I came across many women who were breastfeeding or had done so in the past- very few of them of my culture. As I went to appointments,  Doctor’s and Nurse’s who found I was still going, made remarks in astonishment- “Wow”, “Impressive”…… As I sat in breastfeeding support groups, I was one of the few, if not the ONLY black woman present. In public places as I walked past fellow nursing mothers (You know when you give each other the look like “Yassssss”),  None of them were black. Where was my culture, my village?

Last photo captured of me breastfeeding Phoenix at 22 months… Yes, in my bridesmaid dress at my sisters wedding! 

I am now reading “The big letdown- How medicine, big business and feminism undermine breastfeeding” by Kimberly Seals Allers (Book of the month for March) in which Sellars attempts to understand the cultural and social influences of breastfeeding. I was fortunate to attend a book signing in which Sellars boldly stated, “Women don’t breastfeed, cultures do”

I am with her, I need answers. I need more of fellow queens to breastfeed and breastfeed proudly. I need us to defy stereotypes and do what our bodies are naturally made to do. We need to END The Big Letdown!

Kimberly Seals Allers 2/17

Yup, this #ModernDayBlackMama did a nursing photo shoot at 17 months! 


(I’m still waiting for our nursing emoji 🙄🕑)

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Cookies 🍪 and Milk 🥛with a (not so nice) Cop 👮 Vol. 2

We all have a morning routine that gets us out the door smoothly- wait who am I kidding, I’m a Mom, mornings are never smooth! You have those “I don’t want to wear these shoes”, the “I’m sleepy so I’m going to move like a crab 🦀 ” or even the “I want waffles, not pancakes 🥞 ” mornings (even though you choose pancakes 6 out of 7 days of the week 🙄)

Surprisingly, we had a fairly smooth morning today (shout out to this ModernDayMom who woke up earlier because she knew her kid would be a little sleepy 😉), the mishap happened once we left the house.

I got pulled over by an officer 👮 who claims I didn’t “completely” stop at the stop sign 🛑. No arguments from me, just give me my ticket so I can go. However, this officer was extremely rude which had my son and I completely uncomfortable. As you guys know from “Cookies and Milk with a cop” (Volume 1 posted 2/21/17), my son is obsessed with Officers and vehicles. In this instance, he was a little unsettled. He kept asking questions like “What happened?”, “Mommy, why is he saying that?”, “Why can’t we go? I’m going to be late to school”. In my anger, I had to keep myself composed and reassure him that everything was OK 👌🏾 and the officer just wanted us to be safe. When the officer bought back the ticket and saw that I clearly was upset, he began to speak in a much calmer tone. I told him “I’m not a criminal, I don’t have run-ins with the law”. He lowered his head as he handed me my ticket and said “I know that now” 😔

As I dropped him off at school and headed to work, my anger turned into sadness and a bit of relief and I cried. Cried because it could have turned out differently. Cried because it could have been a much different situation that my 3 year old son did not have to see. Cried because my son will grow up to be a black man who can be targeted by police. 

You see, I do not want him to begin to fear officers. To dislike them because of one “not so nice” officer. Yes, this officer approached me defensive and in uproar,  but this isn’t how I want my child to interact with officers as he is growing up. I do not want him to automatically think they are out to gun him down. Yes, I will teach him what to do and what not to do when approached (we are in 2017 with an orange president- I will not be that naive) however, he will also taught that a Police Officers job is to protect and serve. 

We will STILL be attending Cookies and Milk with a cop every third Saturday of the month at our local library. 

This is another branch in the Orlando area so I’m sure they are held everywhere! Check your local library!

We even made it on the website of our local library for attending the last Cookies and Milk with a cop event! 


ModernDayMama of the Month #Womens Month #March

Although I decided to feature “Woman of the Month” on a quarterly basis, I felt it would be an absolute  injustice NOT to feature some of the amazing women I’m surrounded by! Let’s face it- I am blessed to know some dope ass women! 

An inner city High School, I attended Springfield Gardens and graduated with only a class of 200! The odds were definitely against us, but I am glad to say Springfield did produce some amazing individuals. Dianna was that smart, cute and bubbly cheerleader that everyone wanted to know! Of course everyone knew of the cutest couple on campus who went on to get married and have two beautiful boys! I am so proud of the Woman and mother Dianna Rose is today! 

Her Motto: God First 🙏🏾 📖🙏🏾

Dianna Rose is a child of God, mother of two amazing little boys- 8 year old Chae and 2 month old Seth (Yessss let’s hear it for that SnapBack 😉) and the founder and director of the New York City non-profit organization Beautiful Butterfly, Inc. 🦋

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Community Health from Hofstra University in 2013 and in 2014 launched a small mentoring group which would later develop into the non-profit Beautiful Butterfly Inc. Her desire to see young women successfully mature and grow in the areas of spirituality, health, finance, and higher education and community outreach stems from her own personal failures and mistakes. She believes that her failures can be used for a greater purpose and that purpose is preventing at least one young woman from making some of the same (avoidable) mistakes she has made.

Among her many projects for the organization, is the Beauty & Brains Conference that is held once a year in November and aims to shatter the stereotypes of what the media and world at large considers to encompass what beauty is (or isn’t). The conference also aims to shine a light on how important it is to nurture one’s intellectual abilities. 

Apart from continually developing Beautiful Butterfly, Inc., Dianna is currently the publisher of her son Chae’s first and second children’s books “Chae’s Guide book: How to be the BEST big brother or sister you can be!” And “Chae’s Guide Book: How to be the BEST student you can be!”. 

Among her many hobbies Dianna enjoys spending quality time with her sons, driving to upstate New York to visit family and enjoying the scenic nature and most of all spending time in prayer and reading the word. Above all her accomplishments and future endeavors, Dianna believes her greatest purpose can be summed up by this single scripture- Matthew 5:16. “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” 

Bio humbly submitted by Dianna Rose 🌹 

I am honored to be in the presence of such a determined, God fearing woman! I have also had the pleasure of interviewing this #ModernDayBlackMama… read below 👇🏾

Keara: Would your life be different without your kids?

Dianna: Absolutely! My children are the reason why I push myself so hard, the reason why I strive so hard to succeed, the reason I wake up everyday determined to be better than yesterday.

Keara: Do you feel like you would have gotten this far or would you have been further along? 

Dianna: Honestly speaking, I’m a firm believer in “nothing happens before it’s time.” Whether or not my children existed I believe I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be-doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. 

Keara: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (Professionally, motherhood etc.?)

Dianna: In 10 years I see myself walking in Gods will for my life. That being said, I see myself married to a wonderful godly man who loves me and my children to LIFE! I also see myself retired from my professional job, traveling the world with my family- spreading the gospel everywhere we go and being in a position to be able to bless many people financially. I also see myself overseeing my son’s businesses as their advisor (OK MOMager 😉) 

Keara: In your own words, what makes you a Modern Day Black Mama? 

Dianna: Being a Modern Day Black Mama to me means being balanced. Balanced in taking care of my ministry, myself, my children, my husband, my business- successfully balanced and doing it all through Gods grace. (God first… then ALL these things Matthew 6:33)

🙌🏾 That is the whole idea behind #ModernDayBlackMama and Dianna exudes the title very well! I wish her much continued success in her future endeavors and am making a commitment NOW to be in attendance at the next Beauty and Brains conference this November! See you there 😉

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